About us

The Data Science and Automatic Verification Laboratory at the University of Udine, headed by Prof. Angelo Montanari, conducts research on theoretical and applied aspects of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, with a particular emphasis on the cross-contamination between machine learning and formal methods and on the contemporary themes of neuro-symbolic A.I. and  symbolic / sub-symbolic A.I. integration. The laboratory members have also a strong theoretical and practical knowledge of enterprise information systems and of the whole data science pipeline.

The projects the lab members are involved in are made in cooperation with local, national, and international partners and span several application domains, including positioning systems, healthcare and industry, with a deep focus on the interpretability.


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Prospective students and researchers

If you would like to collaborate on our topics of interest, or would like to discuss an idea with us, please get in touch through the Contacts page or e-mail one of the members of our laboratory through the People page. We have several proposals available, ranging from bachelor's, master's and PhD theses to paid internships and research fellowships.